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The Karolinska Institute is the largest medical university in Sweden with regard to research and education, and one of the largest in Europe. SITS International and the Stroke Research Unit of the Karolinska Institute and Karolinska University Hospital are embedded within one of the oldest neurology departments in Europe, established in 1881. Since 1988 the Stroke Research unit (Director Prof. Nils Wahlgren) has focused on clinical trials in acute stroke and stroke prevention, in particular within neuroprotection and reperfusion. Since 1996 an interactive database for accumulation of clinical data on reperfusion therapy in stroke patients has been developed as a tool for identification of safety alerts within evidence based stroke therapies and for understanding of factors facilitating broad implementation of such interventions. Being primarily a resource for Scandinavian and North European stroke centers, the network of affiliated clinical centers was extended considerably after 2002, when the EU Commission decided to provide a provisional license for thrombolytic therapy on the condition that all patients treated in EU during three years should be monitored for safety through SITS. Since 1996 Karolinska has organized biannual meetings, the Karolinska Stroke Update, for development of consensus statements regarding new randomized controlled trial evidence in stroke therapy.

Role in the Project

The main tasks of the Karolinska Institute will be to provide support for coordination and data management to translational projects extending into clinical trials phase I-II, to support establishment of an appropriate network of clinical centers for that purpose, to give advice to preclinical projects with regard to translational aspects and to evaluate candidates for therapeutic intervention in stroke. The SITS technical platform will be adapted to the requirements of randomized controlled trials settings and members of the SITS network of clinical centers will be screened for participation.

Project Leader


Prof. Nils Wahlgren
Director of Stroke Research unit and Clinical Stroke Program

Project Staff


Dr. Niaz Ahmed
Karolinska Hospital, Stroke Research Unit
Department of Neurology
171 76 Stockholm


Tatyana Kharitonova
MD, PhD student


Jon Eliasson
MD, PhD student


Per Holmberg
MD, PhD student


Magnus Thorén
MD, PhD student